180+ Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Sophisticated Ladies

Many of the designs in our collection of the hottest thigh tattoos for women today can definitely give your body an insanely sexy charm. And there are also a lot of controversial thigh tattoo designs for you here if you’re looking for new dimensions of provocative sophistication for your body. We also got the cutest and coolest small thigh tattoo pieces in our selection. So give yourself a well-deserved break — Pamper your thighs with a fashionable tattoo that can add new levels of elegant sexiness to your look and personality!

Our collection of more than 180 thigh tattoos for ladies isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill list. It’s an expertly curated selection of the best thigh tattoos for women that we’ve seen this year. Our team is comprised of veteran artists and passionate skin art collectors. Many of us know what looks good on women as we’re ladies ourselves. And there are men in our team that helps us sanity-check our choices!

And what we ended up with here is the best 2019 handbook for women who have been looking for the right thigh tattoos for themselves. So go through our list now and easily find the most suitable thigh tattoo designs that exactly match what you want!

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Our 2019 Collection of Over 180 Provocative Thigh Tattoos for Women

1. Dolphin Thigh Tattoos

dolphin thigh tattoos


There are 2 types of dolphins that are used for skin art designs. The first is the sun dolphin. This symbolizes new beginnings and blessings of good luck and prosperity. The second is the moon dolphin. They represent femininity, independence, freedom and creativity. Dolphins also symbolize companionship and friendships that last a lifetime. That’s because they’re known to establish long lasting platonic relationships with other dolphins.

These sun and moon dolphin thigh tattoos are mostly drawn in full color 3D. Some women prefer to include breath-taking backgrounds in their tattoos. These often include the setting sun, the silhouette of a palm tree and splashing waves. Other ladies add tribal designs around the dolphin image. Meanwhile, a lot of girls also prefer to place the names of their loved ones, pets and meaningful dates or their lucky numbers somewhere around their dolphin thigh pieces.

A few of these dolphin designs in our collection were on the other hand drawn using flat 2d color themes and shading styles. Ladies who wear these pieces say they like the retro look and traditional vintage touch that these techniques add to their pieces. Many of them wear these tattoos on the back side of their thighs.

Other women prefer to place their dolphin thigh tattoos on the front side. Ideal spots for these pieces aside from your thighs are on your shoulder blade, your belly or anywhere on your chest and back. These are for larger pieces. But smaller designs are recommended to be inked on the size of your neck, your outer and inner upper forearms, on your nape or on the small of your back.


2. Fish Thigh Tattoos for Ladies

Lots of women wear thigh tattoos that depict their favorite fish. Many of these pieces are renditions of the main characters in the movie Finding Nemo. These fish tattoos are often drawn in full color 3D. Others prefer a realistic 3D grayscale look.

Some ladies ask their tattoo artists to place their tribal interpretations of their favorite fish. So this means you can choose from a huge variety of fish and ask your chosen artist or studio to also create renditions and interpretations based on your preferences. Just make sure to clearly communicate what you exactly want to your tattoo artist.

These fish designs are mostly worn on the outer and inner side of the thighs. Others prefer their pieces to be placed on the back and front sides. You can also opt to get your fish tattoo inked on your wrist, the ball of your shoulder, on any side of your neck or on your nape. But keep in mind that these spots are ideal for small fish tattoo pieces. On the other hand, larger ones are more suitable on your shoulder blade or anywhere on your back, on your chest or on your belly and inner or outer forearms.

3. Flower Thigh Tattoos

Flowers are cool and sexy subjects for thigh tattoos. You can opt for a lone flower design that’s similar to some of the best ones we’ve included in our selection. A realistic 3D style in full color is most suitable for these pieces. There are also flower bouquet pieces with a combination of 2 or more types of flowers that can look really good on your thighs. These flower thigh tattoos are usually also drawn in realistic full color 3D.

But you can also ask your artist to create a tribal interpretation of your favorite flower. Some of these unique renditions are also included in our collection. Most just use pure ebony black and a little bit of white. This can give these designs a 3D feel. But there are also others that are drawn in colors like red, green and blue.

Meanwhile, a few in our selection are in flat 2D full color. This gives these pieces a stylish retro look.

You can wear these flower tattoos on the front, back, outer and inner areas of your thighs. Other spots aside from these areas include on your shoulder blade, on the ball of your shoulder, on your wrists, any side of your neck, on your chest, back and neck. You can also place these flower designs on the inner and outer areas of your upper forearms.


4. Rose Thigh Tattoos

Roses are among the most tattooed subjects when it comes to thigh pieces. These rose tattoos are often drawn on the outer and inner sides of the thighs. Red roses are the all-time favorites of many women worldwide. This for many of them represents femininity, independence, love, romance and freedom.

Others prefer to wear black roses on the outer areas of their thighs. Some ladies place their designs of these black roses on the back and front sides. Both these red and black rose designs are often drawn in realistic full color 3D. But more black rose pieces are in realistic 3D grayscale.

A lot of the red and black rose designs in our selection also depict pieces of text, numbers and Roman numerals. These are usually the names of the wearer’s loved ones and pets, or memorable dates, lucky numbers and so on. Suitable spots aside from the thighs for these designs are on the wrists, the small of the back, the ball of the shoulder, on any side of the neck, the nape and upper outer or inner forearm areas. You might want to place larger renditions of these pieces anywhere on your chest or on your shoulder blade.

5. Sunflower Thigh Tattoos

sunflower thigh tattoos

Sunflowers are bright and vibrant pieces for thigh tattoos. Their bright yellow and brownish red orange colors make them stand out when drawn in realistic full color 3D. Even flat 2D color themes and shading styles produce beautiful thigh tattoo pieces in the hands of expert artists. A vintage feel or a retro look that was quite popular in the 1970s can be achieved through these techniques.

Tribal and geometric patterns are also used for some of the sunflower tattoo designs in our selection. Most are drawn using intricate outlines and patterns along with elaborate shading styles. Though a few just have simple yet effective tribal outlines. Many of these just use pure ebony black and nothing else. Others liberally use white ink for these tribal sunflower tattoos to give these pieces a 3D look.

A lot of women include other visual elements in their sunflower thigh tattoos. These are different flowers and plants, a variety of birds and insects. You can also wear smaller sunflower pieces on your wrists, the ball of your shoulder, on your ankle, the side of your neck or even on your nape. Meanwhile, larger designs with backgrounds are recommended to be placed on your shoulder blade, anywhere on your chest and back or on the upper outer and inner spots areas of your arms and legs.


6. Cute Cartoon Thigh Tattoos for Women

Wild and wacky cartoon characters can really be cute subjects for thigh tattoos. A lot of girls prefer to wear these designs on the outer and inner areas of their thighs. On the other hand, some wear their renditions of their favorite cartoon characters on the back and front sides of their thighs.

All-time favorites of lots of ladies across the globe are Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, Bugs Bunny, Garfield and many others. Some of the best cartoon thigh tattoos in our selection are drawn in full color. Realistic 3D shading techniques are also used for these thigh pieces.

But some women prefer their cartoon thigh tattoos to be done in flat 2D color themes. These often depict vintage versions of classic cartoon characters like Micky Mouse and others in various Disney movie interpretations of popular fairy tales. Characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast are usually drawn in these flat 2D tones and styles.

You can choose to wear these cartoon tattoo pieces on the front or back side of your thighs. Inner and outer areas are also suitable placement options for these cartoon designs. Medium and large cartoon pieces are also perfect for the ball of your shoulder and anywhere on your shoulder blade, upper chest and back. Meanwhile, much smaller cartoon designs are ideal for the sides of your neck, the upper outer areas of your forearms and legs, on your nape or on the small of your back.

7. Sexy Comic Book Thigh Tattoos for Ladies

Lots of women all around the world are die-hard comic book fans. Their numbers are rapidly growing all around the world due to the massive popularity of Avengerss movies and similar comic book-inspired films for the past several years. So now’s an awesome time to get a comic book thigh tattoo for yourself!

Many female skin art lovers prefer to wear designs for their thighs that depict sexy characters. Some of the all-time favorites of these women include Batgirl and Supergirl, Rogue as well as Jean Grey and even Mystique of the X-Men among others. The best comic book thigh tattoos in our selection are drawn in realistic full color 3D. Some are more vintage and retro looking pieces that depict Batgirl and Supergirl along with a few others.

A lot of the larger designs in our collection of comic book tattoos are worn on the front and outer sides of the thighs. A few are placed on the inner and back sides. Meanwhile, smaller comic book thigh tattoo pieces are also on the outer and back sides of the thighs. But these smaller tattoos are also suitable for your wrists, the ball of your shoulders, on any side of your neck, the center of your nape or anywhere on your chest and back. On the other hand, bigger designs are perfect for the entire upper back, the area of the back somewhere at the waist and other larger surfaces.

8. Cool Video Game Tattoos for Girls

Both male and female characters of popular video games are often worn by many women all around the world on their thighs. Vintage designs often depict various characters of the Super Mario Bros. A lot are also drawn from scenes and characters of classic Nintendo Family Computer games like Battle City, Double Dragon, Galaga, Pac-Man and so on.

More modern video game thigh tattoos are from newer titles for PCs, Xbox and Playstation consoles. These video game thigh tattoos are often drawn in realistic full color. 3D shading styles are also incorporated into these thigh tattoos to give it a more realistic look. Lots of ladies also include background designs in their video game thigh tattoos. These are also in 3D full color.

You can wear these video game tattoos on the outer and front sides of your thighs. The back side is also ideal for larger designs. Inner areas of your thighs are also sexy spots to wear smaller video game pieces. But anywhere on your back and chest, legs and arms are also suitable spots for these video game tattoos. Much smaller iconic pieces and representational video game symbols like game title logos and so on are perfect for the ball of your shoulder, the small of your back, any side on your neck or on your nape.

9. Solemn Celtic Cross Thigh Tattoos

Celtic Cross Thigh Tattoos

Celtic cross icons are said to symbolize the time that the Celts converted to Christianity. These designs depict intricate geometric patterns forming the cross that represents the death of Jesus Christ. Elaborate shading styles, connecting lines and shapes make these tattoo pieces a solemn and enigmatic piece for your thighs. Especially if you’re a Christian or a Catholic.

Many Catholic and Christian ladies wear designs drawn in realistic 3D grayscale as their thigh tattoos. Others prefer to add colors to their Celtic cross pieces. These are usually red, yellow, green and blue. Some women ask their artists to render unique interpretations of these designs to also include the names of their dearly departed loved ones and pets. Some also integrate other text and dates into these Celtic cross tattoos.

The most suitable spots on your thighs for these Celtic cross pieces are on the front and outer sides. You can also opt to wear these on the back and inner sides. Some women also wear these on the ball of their shoulders going down to somewhere on a spot near their elbows. Larger Celtic cross pieces are also ideal for your shoulder blade, on your entire back, anywhere on your chest, legs and forearms or on the small of your back. Meanwhile, smaller Celtic cross tattoos are suitable for your wrists, nape and on any side of your neck.

10. Sophisticated Celtic Thigh Tattoos for Women

Celtic designs are perfect for tattoo pieces. These are drawn with intricate geometric patterns and outlines. Elaborate shading styles are also incorporated into these Celtic designs. So these really look cool and sophisticated as thigh tattoos for ladies.

This is also why a lot of pro tattoo artists recommend these pieces to be drawn in realistic 3D grayscale. But some women prefer to add some color to their Celtic thigh pieces. This is to give their designs a unique touch. So their artists add red, green, yellow, blue or a combination of these to their thigh tattoos.

Bigger Celtic thigh designs are suitable for outer, front and back sides. Medium-sized Celtic pieces are also ideal for these spots and also on the inner area. Many ladies wear smaller Celtic tattoos on the sides of their neck, on their shoulder blades, their wrists, on the small of their backs, the center of the nape or on the ball of their shoulders. On the other hand, some ladies prefer to place these small Celtic pieces on their ankles and the upper inner and outer areas of their legs.

11. Mysterious Aztec Thigh Tattoos for Ladies

Aztec Thigh Tattoos

Ancient Aztecs have lots of cool designs. These are integrated with tribal-like geometric patterns, elaborate outlines and intricate shading tones. This makes these iconic symbols and representational images perfect for thigh tattoos. Especially when drawn in realistic 3D grayscale. Many of the best thigh pieces in our selection are realistic Aztec designs in black, white and grayscale.

These Aztec pieces can add an air of mystery and sophistication to your look and personality. Aztec sun symbols are among the all-time favorites of many ladies all over the world for their thigh tattoos. Many of them wear these on the front and back sides of their thighs. Some prefer these Aztec tattoos to be placed on the inner and outer sides.

But some women wear renditions of these Aztec symbols and icons on their thighs with a few colors mixed into the dominant grayscale theme of their tattoos. A few designs that made it to our list are Aztec sun tattoos with yellow, red and orange colors aside from realistic grayscale shading styles. Small piece Aztec tattoos are usually worn by many ladies on their wrists, the sides of their neck, anywhere on their shoulder blades, on the small of their backs or at the center of their napes. Some girls on the other hand prefer to place larger Aztec symbols and icons on their entire backs, on their chest, the outer and inner areas of their forearms and legs.


12. Fascinating Mayan Thigh Tattoos for Girls

The Mayan civilization used a lot of icons and symbols to represent their traditions, beliefs and cultural practices. Many of these designs are emblematic pieces that are drawn in black, white and gray. That’s why lots of these icons and symbols are now popular subjects for thigh tattoos all around the world today. Most of these pieces were done in flat 2D grayscale a little over a decade ago.

But more modern tattooing equipment, ink and techniques that were developed for the past several years now give us realistic Mayan 3D designs in black, white and gray. Other pro tattoo artists also integrate little bits of colors here and there. Most of these colors are often red, yellow and blue. These are frequently used to add a unique touch to these thigh tattoo pieces.

Lots of these Mayan designs are worn on the front, outer and back sides of the thighs. Meanwhile, some smaller versions of these Mayan pieces are placed on the inner thighs. Other ladies wear these small piece Mayan tattoos on their wrists and also on the sides of their neck. Though some women also place these small Mayan pieces on their napes and on the small of their backs, on their ankles or on the upper outer and inner areas of their legs. On the other hand, much bigger Mayan pieces are often reserved for the entire back and the chest.

13. Soothing Botanical Garden Thigh Tattoos

Many of the most awesome thigh tattoos in our collection are full thigh pieces that depict relaxing botanical garden design concepts. These show a variety of flowers, plants, leaves, grasses and rocks. The dominant color of these thigh designs is green, while secondary ones are yellow and red. These botanical garden tattoos are mostly in realistic full color 3D.

You can add any type of flower, plant, grass or other visual elements to your botanical garden thigh tattoo. There are some ladies who also include birds, butterflies, dragonflies and bugs or other insects in their full thigh pieces. Some even manage to place text that’s meaningful to them in and around their botanical garden thigh tattoos.

But these large botanical garden tattoos can also be placed on other spots besides the thighs. A lot of girls wear these as half and full sleeve designs. A few even wear these as botanical garden pieces that wrap around their necks. Some have full leg garden pieces in realistic full color 3D.

14. Colorful Hummingbird Thigh Tattoos

Hummingbird Thigh Tattoos

Hummingbirds are really cool subjects for thigh tattoos. These colorful creatures can be depicted as hovering in mid-air on top of a garden background design. Though these are mostly for large piece thigh tattoos that cover the entire thigh area or half of it on the front or back side. These are mostly done in full color 3D to give these pieces a realistic look.

Cartoonish hummingbird renditions are also some of the best thigh tattoos in our selection. These are usually drawn in flat 2D color themes and patterns. Wild and wacky backgrounds and hummingbird poses are often incorporated into these cartoonish thigh interpretations. But some of these are also in realistic full color 3D.

Bigger hummingbird pieces frequently include backgrounds. On the other hand, smaller ones are more suitable for other spots like the ball of your shoulder, the small of your back, the upper inner or outer areas of your forearms and legs, or on any side of your neck, nape or shoulder blade. These small piece hummingbird tattoos mostly depict just the main subject and nothing else.


Origin of Thigh Tattoos for Women

Many scholars, historians and anthropologists all over the world believe that there are certain ancient civilizations and cultural communities that brought skin art to different modern societies today. They posit that early Samoan tribal communities among other groups in the Pacific Islands influenced nearby countries to practice the art of tattooing. Meanwhile, ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations are believed to have brought skin art to Eastern and Western European communities. Native Americans are on the other hand believed to have influenced modern North American nations in this field.

Early Samoan women are said to have been inked with thigh tattoos after they gave birth. This was believed to symbolize the challenges and hardships that they needed to battle during pregnancy and labor. Though some early Asian tribes were also believed to have done the same thing. But they were said to also place thigh tattoos on the women in their communities to signify the transformation of these ladies from girls to women.

Some of these ancient civilizations, early cultures and tribal groups are also believed to have used tattoos to mark the social class of each member in their communities. So women were given tattoos to represent their womanhood and their role in taking care of their children during this time.

But this has tremendously changed in today’s modern world. Lots of women across the globe are now wearing tattoos to symbolize their freedom, independence, femininity, creativity, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. They aren’t forced to wear these tattoos any longer. They choose to get tattooed instead. And they’re free to do so as they please.

Meanings of Thigh Tattoos for Ladies

The meanings of thigh tattoos for women today are usually drawn from the original symbolisms and representational concepts of the design. Parrots for example symbolize companionship, creativity and communication. But these can be supplemented with other meanings through a few customizations and additional visual elements. These parrot thigh tattoos can for instance represent the wearer’s love for a partner, a child, a sibling, a parent or a pet. It can also symbolize an important event like a wedding or an engagement, especially when 2 parrots are drawn together inside a heart-shaped outline with a date.

Hummingbirds as another example can symbolize freedom and independence for many women. Though everybody can dictate their own representational meanings and symbolic concepts for any tattoo piece that depicts a hummingbird as its main subject. Adding some visual components or incorporating a few customizations to the hummingbird design can for example also represent the wearer’s passion for a fun and care-free lifestyle.

Dolphin thigh tattoos also represent different meanings depending on the wearer. It can for example symbolize romantic relationships. Though other ladies often wear these tattoos to symbolize their platonic relationships with their best friends.

So the point is, you dictate what your thigh tattoo means for you. Your tattoo artist should also know what your piece means for you before suggesting customizations and improvements to your chosen set of designs where you want to draw ideas from for your unique tattoo. And your job is to clearly communicate this to your artist. This way, you’ll get the best outcome from your efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Tattoos for Girls

Q: Would I feel less pain when I take painkillers before I get a thigh tattoo?

A: It’s ill-advised to take painkillers before your tattoo appointment. You aren’t recommended as well to take any medication unless suggested by your doctor. Some painkillers and other medicinal products can dehydrate your body, dry up your skin and cause you to bleed more.

Q: Would drinking alcohol help reduce the pain of getting a thigh tattoo?

A: You should never drink any alcoholic beverage before and during your tattoo session. Dry skin and a dehydrated body can negatively affect the output of your tattoo. You could also end up feeling more pain than usual. That’s because needles should ideally have a quick and easy time going in and out of your skin. So moisturized skin and a hydrated body can really help.

Q: How much pain should I expect during my tattoo session?

A: The pain is bearable. Getting a tattoo feels like a combination of mild burning, light stinging and moderate vibrating sensations. Though keep in mind that you’ll be feeling these sensations throughout your session. And you’re also advised to always consult your doctor regarding this, especially if you have any medical condition. That’s because some women have certain conditions that tend to amplify the pain or anything that they feel.

Q: How should I properly prepare myself before I get a thigh tattoo?

A: First is to consult your doctor if you’re perfectly healthy to get a thigh tattoo. Second is to take your time in selecting the right designs where you want to draw unique ideas from. This is to finalize on a unique custom thigh tattoo. Part of this is to choose the right professional tattoo artist or studio that’s fully licensed by the local and national governments and health agencies of the countries where they’re based. Third is to consult your doctor and dermatologist regarding safe and organic ways and products that can moisturize your skin, hydrate your body and take good care of your new tattoo once it’s done. You can then schedule an appointment with the shop that you chose.

Q: How should I take good care of my new thigh tattoo?

A: Follow the instructions and advice of your doctor, dermatologist and tattoo artist regarding preparatory measures and after-care maintenance, in this order of priority. Generally, you should make sure that the areas in and around your new thigh tattoos are kept clean and sanitized at all times. So you should liberally use lukewarm water as you wash it with an anti-bacterial liquid soap that’s recommended by your doctor or dermatologist. Do this at least 2 to 3 times each day. And always put on fresh bandages after you clean your new thigh tattoo. More importantly though is to follow a healthy diet, moisturize your skin and drink plenty of water.

Q: How can I prevent serious infections after I get a thigh tattoo?

A: Always follow the expert advice of your doctor, dermatologist and tattoo artist. They’re the best ones to consult when it comes to before, during and after-care methods. Also go immediately to your doctor or to your dermatologist when you notice unusual itching, rashes and the like in and around the areas of your new thigh tattoo. More importantly, do not peel off the sabs of your new tattoo. Instead, allow your new tattoo to heal naturally. Those scabs will fall off on their own anyway.

Q: How can I make sure of my safety and protection against contagious diseases when I get a thigh tattoo?

A: This primarily depends on which tattoo artist or studio that you choose. You’re advised to go with a fully licensed pro tattoo artist or shop with lots of experience in your chosen designs. It’s also good to check reviews and stories shared by others who have used the services of the tattoo artists and studios in your shortlist. Do this before you zone in on the right artist for your thigh tattoo. Better yet, also consult your trusted peers, especially those with thigh tattoos that you really like. Getting a tattoo from a fully licensed artist and shop that are accredited and trained by the government and health offices of the countries where they operate will greatly help avoid these situations.

Q: How much should I prepare for my thigh tattoo?

A: This depends on a number of factors. First is the size and complexity of your chosen design. That’s because this is also directly related to the time it’ll take for your chosen pro artist to complete your thigh tattoo. Second is the hourly rate charged by the artist or shop that you chose. Most licensed professional tattoo artists and studios in California charge around 100 to 300 USD per hour. Others in Los Angeles and New York City can charge around 200 to 500 USD per hour. Those in these areas with lots of celebrity clients usually charge 2 to 5 times higher. So generally speaking, a full thigh tattoo piece in realistic full color 3D of say a botanical garden design can take 2 to 3 sessions, each lasting 3 to 5 hours.

Recommendations for Thigh Tattoos

• Consult your doctor and dermatologist before you start spending time choosing the right designs for your thigh tattoo. You’re advised to do this even if you don’t have any medical condition. They’re the best experts to help you confirm if you’re really prepared to get a thigh tattoo. They’ll also be able to give you pieces of advice regarding proper preparation methods, safety tips and after-care maintenance;
• Try to clearly communicate your unique concepts regarding the changes, customizations and improvements that you want done on your chosen designs where you’ll use to generate a unique design for your thigh tattoo. Pinpoint the elements and techniques that you want retained from your shortlisted designs;
• Avoid submerging your new tattoo in water for long periods of time while it’s still healing. This can damage or negatively affect the look of your thigh tattoo. So you’re advised to avoid going to the beach or to a pool for regular swims. You don’t know when you’ll be tempted to go for a swim or when you’ll completely forget how much time you’ve already spent in the water. Instead, wait for your new tattoo to completely heal before you do this; and
• You’re also recommended to use a hypoallergenic sunblock lotion in case you need to go out under the sun for long periods of time. Ask your dermatologist for a good sunblock lotion for your skin.

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